Liaison Office of South Africa will co-host International Mandela Day Activity with the Tzu-Chi Foundation


November 2009 - in recognition of the former South African President’s contribution to the promotion of social justice, human rights and culture of peace and freedom, UN General Assembly declared 18 July "Nelson Mandela International Day"

Tzu Chi Foundation is dedicated to environmental protection for 30 years in Taiwan. As one of the largest NGOs in Taiwan. We will co-host a beach clean-up to celebrate the International Mandela Day.  We humbly request your support to come join us and spend 67 minutes of your time in clean-up the beach and also bringing awareness of litter solutions.  Looking forward to your participation.

For more information, please contact Ms Cissy Chiu or Tel: 02 27152295 (Medical station for emergencies and drinking water will be provided)

Details of the event are as follows:


Date                            : Saturday, 18 July 2020

Time                           : 08h00 - 11h00

Venue                         : Jia-Bao Beach, Linkuo Dist. New Taipei City

Address                      : Exit 18 of County Road No.15


Importance notice:

1. To avoid being cut by anything sharp on the beach, wear gloves made of

    burlap and put on shoes that can fully cover your feet.

2. To avoid sunburn, wear clothes with long sleeves and pants.

3. Wear a hat and a neckerchief.

4. Carry a water canteen filled with water not water bottles.

5. Carry a backpack so that you can have both hands free to clean the beach.

6. To avoid injury, do not try to move, all by yourself, any object that is too big.

7. Watch out for the broken glass, needles and anything sharp.

8. Stay away from the sea waves and pay attention to the changes of tides.

9. Avoid stepping on dunes and areas where the waterfront plants grow.

10. Do not harm the creatures on the beach.





慈濟基金會是台灣最大的非政府組織,致力於環境保護已超過三十年。 今年的曼德拉日,南非聯絡辦事處和慈濟基金會將共同舉辦淨灘活動。 我們誠摯期待您的支持並邀請您利用 67分鐘的時間,加入我們淨灘環保的活動,期盼引起社會大眾對於環境保護的關注。 希望您能夠加入我們的行列。


日期:2020718 ()

時間: 上午八點至十一點。


位置: 1518號出口



() 穿戴麻布手套與包腳鞋,以避免執行淨灘監測時,遭利物刺傷。

() 著長袖衣服、長褲,除避免進行淨灘活動遭利物 劃傷外,亦有防曬效果。

() 穿戴遮陽帽及領巾防曬。

() 攜帶水壺,隨時補充水分,不用瓶裝水。

() 攜帶雙肩背包,空出雙手來淨灘。

() 若廢棄物太過於龐大,切勿一人搬運、清理,避免受傷。

() 注意玻璃、針頭、或其他尖銳物品。

() 遠離海浪,並隨時注意潮水之變化,並注意安全。

() 避免踩踏海濱植物或沙丘地區。

() 注意並避免傷害海灘上的生物。

如需進一步訊息,請洽南非聯絡辦事處邱小姐 : / Tel: 02 27152295