Dear Friends,


The festive mood that came with the Christmas of 2018 and the New Year of 2019 isn’t really far away. And now the joyfully red spring couplets and the red lanterns remind us once and again that we will soon bid farewell to the Year of the Dog and welcome the arrival of the Year of the Pig.


Here in Taiwan, we are privileged to celebrate various festivals with people who welcome diversified cultures with open arms just as the people of South Africa.


In the Year of the Dog, apart from promoting the bilateral trade and investment, the Liaison Office of South Africa participated in the South African Festivities-SAFFAFEST both in Taipei and Kaohsiung. During these two events, we had fervent interaction with local people who were eager to understand more about the South African culture.


And we invited our African friends to join us in offering the people of Taiwan a taste of African culture during the Africa Culture, Products and Services Exhibition held in Taipei in October 2018.


We also received a lot of feedback and response from travel agents who participated in the SA tourism seminars held in Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung. As the process of visa application has become more simplified, we believe there will be more Taiwanese tourists visiting South Africa in the year to come.


But no feedback and response can be compared with those from the students of the Chi-Lee University of Technology (CLUT), where we celebrated the centenary of Nelson Mandela and Albertina Sisulu, “the two iconic man and woman who in their selfless lives spent in fighting for the freedom, democracy, justice and equality of the entire human race in South Africa”.


As one of the students put it, “after listening to the stories of Nelson Mandela and Mama Sisulu, I have come to understand the harm and pain caused by racial discrimination. It is important to treat people around you equally, regardless of their skin colors, races, genders. Mandela and Mama Sisulu were very brave and deserved praises. Without them, we could not have understood the value of freedom and democracy.”


Thanks to the organizers as well as the participants of all the events. You have made this Year of the Dog a very fruitful year! We sincerely hope that the Year of the Pig will be a year of prosperity and good health for the people of both South Africa and Taiwan.



Gong Xi Fa Cai,



R S Matsebe
Representative of the Liaison Office of South Africa














201810月初,南非聯絡辦事處受邀參加致理科技大學舉辦的「南非週」活動。2018年適逢南非前總統曼德拉 (Nelson Mandela) 和希蘇魯女士 (Albertina Sisulu) 的百年誕辰,非常榮幸能夠藉著這次活動,向致理科技大學學生介紹這兩位南非的人權鬥士和女權運動先驅。









Robert Seraki Matsebe
南非聯絡辦事處 代表