Out of country registration for 2019 Elections


Registration out of country will take place at all Embassies, Consulates-General and High Commissions as designated on the DIRCO website.

Citizens can check whether they are registered on the votersˇ¦ roll via the website of the Electoral Commission (EC) at www.elections.org.za.

If registered inside South Africa then it is not necessary to register again abroad.

In order to be eligible to vote abroad, the voter will have to inform the Chief Electoral Officer via the completion of an online VEC10 of their intention to vote outside of the country. The online VEC10 will only be available on the website at www.elections.org.za  from the date that the NPE2019 election is proclaimed, for a 15 day period. 


Requirement for Registration

A comprehensive registration manual outlining out of country registration procedures which includes all the required forms will be made available.  DIRCO staff will assist voters with the following and forward the documentation for processing.

In short, the following are needed for the voter to register abroad: 


²   An ID document or Smart ID card or Valid Temporary ID Certificate (TIC) 

²   Photocopy page 1 of the ID document/Smart ID Card.

²   A valid passport.

²   Apply to register in person at an Embassy, Consulate-General or High Commission

²   Applicant to complete a REC1/OC form.


The period for registration abroad/out of country is open until the proclamation of the NPE 2019 election.

Information relating to voting will be publish as and when received from the IEC.