Application for Police Clearance Certificate


An application for Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) has to be submitted directly to the South African Police Service (SAPS) Criminal Record Center in Pretoria. The Liaison Office of South Africa (LOSA) does NOT receive /process/issue any application for a Police Clearance Certificate. 

You can however do the following at LOSA:

¡P        Fingerprinting (free of charge) this form is available at LOSA

¡P        Pay the required fee and get a receipt

LOSA will not do the following:

¡P        Collect / process / submit any application for a PCC on your behalf Criminal Records Centre

¡P        Verify fingerprints taken anywhere else

¡P        Track or trace your application with the Criminal Records Centre

¡P        Intervene on your behalf to have your application expedited

¡P        Receive you certificate and forward it to you

¡P        Download and print the application form for you

¡P        Issue a letter confirming that you have applied and not received the certificate

¡P        Request for legalisation from DIRCO prior to or after forwarding the application to the Criminal Records Centre

Please find below the requirements / procedures contact information that you will need to apply for a Police Clearance Certificate 

Why do I need a PCC?

South Africans that work, travel and reside abroad require Police Clearance Certificates for purposes such as court requirements, residence permission or securing employment.  Therefore the service from the South African Police Services (SAPS) ¡V Criminal Record Centre is available to South Africans who require confirmation on their criminal status.

Non-South African Citizens that have resided in South Africa are also eligible to apply for Police Clearance Certificate from SAPS.

The application for a police clearance certificate is a personal matter that the applicant must attend to and the issuing of a Clearance Certificate is their sole responsibility of the SAPS - Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

In some countries Police Clearance Certificates are also known as ¡§No Objection Certificates¡¨, ¡§Criminal Records Certificate¡¨ or ¡§Certificates of Character¡¨.   


Customers must forward applications/requests directly to the SAPS - Criminal Record Centre in Pretoria.

From abroad, the application may be forwarded via any reputable courier company.  The courier company must be PREPAID to collect the documents from the Criminal Record Centre and return the documents to the sender. 

It is important to find out whether the requesting authority would need the police clearance certificate to be
legalised It will save time and money to submit the original Police Clearance Certificate to the Department of International Relations and Cooperation ¡V Legalisation Section before it is returned to the applicant.  Customers must specify this in their application to the SAPS - Criminal Record Centre.  Refer to http://www.dirco.gov.za/consular/legalisation.htm for further information regarding Legalisation (authentication) of official documentation.

There is no specific application form available from the SAPS, however the following information must be contained in the applicant¡¦s letter/request addressed to the SAPS ¡V Criminal Record Centre when submitting their application for a Police Clearance Certificate or refer to attached Annex 23B (Application for a Police Clearance Certificate) which has been designed by DIRCO to facilitate inquiries.  The following details are required:

a) Surname
b) Maiden name (if applicable, also specify in which surname the certificate
should to be issued)
c) Given names
d) Date of birth
e) Place of birth
f) South African ID number (if applicable)
g) Last residential address in South Africa
h) Last SA business / employer's address
i) Telephone number of the above (h)
j) Date
k) Signature
l) Mailing address in the country of application
m) Zip/Postal Code
n) Telephone number

 The application has to be accompanied by:

¡P        A proof of payment of the required fee of ZAR114 / NTD298 per application (receipt issued by  LOSA)

¡P        full set of fingerprints, taken at the Liaison Office of South Africa (LOSA).

¡P        Copy of ID document/ South African ID Card / passport

¡P        A self-addressed and franked envelope if you want the application to be returned to you by post.


Forward the application to::

¡P        The Head (Attention:  Police Clearance Certificates)
Criminal Record Center - SAPS
1st Floor, Room 14 Botongo Plaza West
271 Schoeman Street
Pretoria, 0001
Republic of South Africa

Tel. No's. (012) 393-3928  
Fax No. (012) 393-3909

crc-nameclear@saps.org.za / crc.client@saps.org.za or crc.clientserv.sec@saps.org.za

www.saps.gov.za   ¡V refer to information under the heading FAQ¡¦s ¡V Application for Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) for further information.

SAPS Office hours are from 07:30 to 16:00 (Monday to Friday).

The average time to render the service will take approximately 6 - 8 weeks from the day that the complete application is received at the Pretoria Criminal Record Centre (SAPS) until the Clearance Certificate is issued (this excluded delivery time)

If you have any more questions relating to the application process  or procedures please visit www.saps.gov.za   ¡V refer to information under the heading FAQ¡¦s ¡V Application for Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) for further information.  You can also track your PCC online by visiting using the same website address.  If you could not trace your application or would like more information regarding your Police Clearance Certificate please contact their offices directly at:


+27 (0) 12 393 3928


+27 (0) 12 393 3909



Application form for a Police Clearance Certificate.