Requirements for long term Port of Entry (PoE) visa for spouses of South African Nationals


Requirements for long term Port of Entry (PoE) visa for spouses of South African Nationals

A long term multiple entry PoE visa will also be issued to a visa required spouse of a South African Citizen resident in Taiwan. The purpose of this visa is to allow the foreign spouse to visit South Africa for holiday purposes or attend to family matters. The visa does not allow the spouse to reside and work in South Africa.

These visas will only be issued to spouses who have previously travelled to South Africa. The visa will also only be issued when applying for the next visit to South Africa, i.e. you cannot apply if you are not travelling immediately.

In addition to the normal visa application requirements, a written declaration / undertaking by the South African spouse will be required in relation to future visits to South Africa by his/her spouse. The declaration must cover the following:

íP        That he/she will take full financial responsibility for their spouse special in relation to return / onward flights, accommodation, medical cover and repatriation.

íP        Ensure that their spouse will abide by the laws of South Africa and conditions under which the visa is issued.

íP        To inform LOSA of any change that may affect the conditions under which the visa was issued.

íP        That you know and understand that the Port of Entry visa issued may not be used for residing or employment in South Africa. If at any point you and your spouse opt to reside permanently in South Africa, the visa will be returned and the correct visa will be applied for at LOSA.

íP        That you understand that contravention of the conditions of the visa may result in the visa being revoked and the visa holder possible being listed as undesirable.

The couple must both be present on the day of application for an interview. Additionally, the South African spouse will be required to do the above declaration in the presence of the Commissioner of Oaths.

Please note that an appointment is required. When making an appointment please inform the receptionist that you are applying for the long-term frequent traveller visa as the spouse of a South Citizen.

In addition to the completed application form and the normal supporting documents for a visitoríŽs visa please ensure that you bring along the following:

1.       Passport (original and copy) for both spouses

2.       Marriage certificate (original and copy)

Kindly note that:

íP        The duration of the long term Port of Entry (PoE) visa will be guided by the validity of the passport submitted. A visa cannot be issued beyond the expiry date of a passport. The visa issued will there expire one month before the expiry date of the passport submitted.

íP        If the applicant receives a new passport because the passport that contains the long term POE  has run out of pages / has been  of lost / damage  etc, the PoE visa issued must be cancelled and a new application must be submitted for a new PoE visa to be issued against the new passport.

íP        The new visa will be issued in line with the remaining days available for the initial maximum period for example:

Scenario 1:

When you initially applied for a visa your passport was valid for only 12 months. The visa issued was for 11 months. The new visa issued will be for the remaining 2 years and 1 month only.

Scenario 2:

You were issued with a 3 years POE visa but 2 years later you are issued with a new passport and the passport where your visa is issued in is nullified. Upon receipt of a new application you will be issued with a POE valid for the remaining year only.