Registration of a Death of a South African National in Taiwan


Registering a death

The Births and Deaths Registration Act requires that a personíŽs death be reported to any one of the following people:

íP        Specific officers at the Department of Home Affairs

íP        South African Police Service members, especially in areas where the Department of Home Affairs has no offices

íP        South African mission, embassy  or consulate, if the death occurred abroad

íP        Funeral undertakers who are appointed and recognised by the law


Reporting a death that occurred outside South Africa

Deaths of South African citizens and South African permanent residence permit holders that occur outside South Africa must be reported to the South Africa Liaison Office in Taipei. Please provide the office with an authenticated death certificate issued here in Taiwan when reporting a death. 

If the deceased is to be buried in South Africa, LOSA will assist with the paperwork and arrangements with regards to transportation of the body to South Africa. The family should please provide the Mission with one nodal contact in Taiwan and one in South Africa for communication purposes.


Please provide the Mission with the following information:

1.      ID and passport of the deceased

2.      Written instruction on the Next of Kin appointed by the family to communicate with the Mission. (proof of kinship may be requested)

3.      Details regarding Mortuary and undertakers (if available)

4.      Details of the attending doctors / physician etc


LOSA will issue you with forms which you must take to the attending physician, pathologist and undertaker appointed by the family. Once the forms are completed they must be returned to LOSA


LOSA or DIRCO will not be financially responsible for any cost relating to the repatriation of a South African National.


Issuing of death certificates

The Department of Home Affairs will issue a Death Certificate on receipt of the notification of death (Form BI-1663) and the Death Report (Form BI-1680).

An abridged death certificate will be issued free of charge. If you require an unabridged death certificate please inform the Consular Clerk assisting you so that you can completed a BI-132 form and paying the required fee.

If you require the authentication of the document please inform the Consular Clerk who will advise you on the process.


Erroneously/ Fraudulently registered deaths

If a person has been erroneously or fraudulently recorded as dead in the National Population Register (i.e. they are still alive) this must be reported as soon as possible to the nearest Department of Home Affairs office for urgent investigation and corrective action.

NB: It is very important that the family should please provide the Mission with one nodal contact for communication purposes.