Repatriation Flights from Dubai (updated 28 July 2020)



The Liaison Office of South Africa (LOSA) wishes to inform all South African Nationals and Permanent Residents who are in Taiwan and wish to be repatriated to South Africa that they may use the Emirate flight on 6 August 2020 from Dubai to be repatriated to South Africa. This must be done directly with the airline or through an agent. LOSA does not assist with ticket bookings. Only Persons registered with the Mission and approved for repatriation may utilize this flight. If you are not yet registered please email taipei.dha@dirco.gov.za for assistance with registering. Once you have your ticket LOSA will issue you with a travel letter which you can collect from our office.




Persons being repatriated to SA from abroad can apply for self-isolation/ self-quarantine instead of going to a state quarantine facility.  The application for self-quarantine must be received at least 72 hours prior to the date and time of travel.


The applications for self-quarantine must be accompanied by the following documents:


1.     Application form for self-quarantine.

2.     Particulars of the place and address where self -quarantine will take place.

3.     Written declaration committing to all conditions for self -quarantine.

4.     Copy of Identity Document or Passport.

5.     Contact details where the applicant may be reached for the duration of the quarantine period.

6.     Details of his or her itinerary for the last 30 days.

7.       Confirmation of transportation form the port of entry to self-quarantine address.

The application form for self-quarantine must be completed and the applicants should apply directly to the Department of Health by emailing the form for consideration toquarantine@healthpmo.gov.za, copied to Pam.masilela@health.gov.za and Albertina.Menyatso@health.gov.za