South African Wardens in Taiwan-


What is a Warden system?

A warden system is a mechanism for communicating news and information to a defined group of South African expatriates abroad. The reason for a warden system is to ease communication between LOSA and a significant (in terms of numbers) expatriate community in Taiwan.


What is a Warden?


A warden is an elected volunteer who acts as a nodal point for the distribution of news and information to South African citizens living within a defined geographic area abroad.


The warden can thus be described as ”„an intermediary”¦.


Wardens are not tracing agents and have no function other than a liaison function between the LOSA and the citizens within his / her warden district.


Requirements to be appointed as a Warden:


A warden must:


”P         Be appointed by the South African expat community within a



”P         Be a South African national (cannot have dual nationality),

          active, well-known and a prominent member of the South

          African community within the region (including being legally in

          the country).


”P         Be of upstanding and sound character and integrity.


”P         Have no criminal record or associates with people that are

          involved in criminal activities.


”P         Have their own transport and communication equipment.


”P         Have the ability to speak the local language (Chinese).


The duties of a Warden include, but are not limited to:


.         must be accessible and available 24/7.

”P         is able to meet with officials from LOSA on a regular basis.

”P         identify and inform the LOSA of all means of communication   

          available in order to reach South African citizens promptly in

          an emergency.

”P         should have readily accessible lists with names and contact

          details of South African citizens within his/her district,

          including confidentiality requirements.

”P         work closely with LOSA to develop and identify evacuation

          plans /routes.

”P         should communicate with LOSA  and report on the status in

          his/her district on a regular basis after South Africans are

          arrested or during and after natural disasters (earthquakes /


”P         should maintain regular communication with all SA citizens

          registered with him/her.

”P         designate a Deputy Warden (that complies with the

          requirements of a Warden) to perform duties in his/her



Appointed Wardens, by the SA community in Taiwan, are required to submit the following to LOSA:



1.    A letter, including the name list with signatures of the South Africans,  

       that appoint you as a Warden / representative for the SA community in

       your area. (Include the list of South Africans that you will be responsible

       for (including their title, full names (as on SA ID)  and SA ID numbers

       and their signature next to their details);      

2.    Your full CV with relevant contact details and physical address;

3.    Police clearance certificate (both local and from SA)

4.    The area in Taiwan that you are covering / responsible for; and

5.    The amount of South Africans that responsible for.



After the documentation is submitted to LOSA, the ”„appointed Warden”¦ will be required to undertake an interview with officials from the LOSA.


Should the appointed Warden meet the minimum requirements as indicated then the LOSA will sanction the appointment of a warden.

Please note, should your area not have a Warden, then the South African community in Taiwan can appoint a Warden to act on their behalf