SA-Taiwan Trade Relations


According to the South African Department of Trade and Industry (dti), trade between SA and Taiwan totaled R4.320 billion during 2Q 2016.

According to the Taiwan Bureau of Foreign Trade, during Jan-Jun 2016, SA was ranked by country as Taiwanˇ¦s 36th total trade partner.  SA was ranked by country as Taiwanˇ¦s 34th export partner and 36th import partner.

According to the Directorate General of Customs, Ministry of Finance, ROC, total trade between SA and Taiwan during Jan to Jun 2016 was recorded at USD592.182 million.

SAˇ¦s exports to Taiwan include: Ferro-chromium, containing by weight more than 4% of carbon, Other maize (corn), Bituminous coal, Sedan (including convertible, sports) and station wagons, of a cylinder capacity exceeding 1,500 cc but not exceeding 3,000 cc, Titanium ores and concentrates, Refined copper, cathodes and sections of cathodes, unwrought, Aluminium, not alloyed, unwrought, Chemical wood pulp, dissolving grades, Ferro-manganese, containing by weight more than 2% of carbon, Bullions, gold, non-monetary.

SAˇ¦s imports from Taiwan include: Solar cell, Other polystyrene, in primary forms, Parts and accessories of the machines of heading, Other tubes, pipes and hollow profiles, welded, of circular cross-section, of stainless steel, Parts and accessories for other motor vehicles, Telephones for cellular networks or for other wireless networks, Bicycles, Other screws and bolts, whether or not with their nuts or washers, of iron or steel, Other knitted or crocheted fabrics of synthetic fibres, dyed, Expansible polystyrene.

Taiwanese companies that operate in SA are focused mostly in Manufacturing, Service, Trading, & Wholesale Sectors.

Latest Available Trade Data:

According to the dti, total trade between SA and Taiwan during Jan to Nov 2015 was recorded at ZAR17.6bn