1. Secure a release from prison or interfere in local judicial procedures to get South African citizens out of prison, on bail or an early trial.


  1. Intervene in court proceedings in foreign countries.


  1. Instigate court proceedings or obtain legal advice on behalf of South African citizens.


  1. Give legal advice.


  1. Support a South African citizen financially while in prison.


  1. Travel to dangerous areas to visit prisoners/detainees or provide consular support in such cases.


  1. Investigate crimes or deaths.


  1. Pay for cremations, burials or the repatriation of mortal remains to South Africa.


  1. Take possession of an abducted child.


  1. Remove children without the assistance of the local authorities and without the authorization of the court.


  1. Enforce a South African custody agreement abroad or compel a country to decide a custody case.


  1. Pay any expenses on behalf of citizens from state funds i.e. medical bills, hotel, legal fees, air tickets, transport, food or any other bills.


  1. Pay traveling expenses


  1. Provide accommodation


  1. Assist with the transfer of funds to a citizen who is not in detention.


  1. Obtain accommodation or any permits (work permits, study permits etc) on behalf of South African citizens.


  1. Undertake work done by travel agents, airlines, banks etc.


  1. Conduct a search without the assistance of local authorities or provide information regarding the whereabouts of a South African citizen without the express consent of that citizen.


  1. Obtain a criminal record check on your behalf.


  1. Store personal effects or search for lost items.


  1. Accept personal mail.


  1. Formally assist dual nationals in the country of their second nationality.


  1. Get involved with any civil disputes.