We respond to emergency situations involving health, safety, security and well-being of South Africans abroad.  This includes providing a support service as well as assistance in evacuation planning of South African citizens abroad in cases of political turmoil or natural disaster.  Please note that LOSA is not responsible for the actual evacuation process.


1.      In the event of an emergency, we communicate on behalf of the family and/or friends in South Africa of South African citizens abroad and vice versa. 

2.      The Consular Section may assists South African citizens in distress by facilitating the payment of funds deposited by family/friends in South Africa to the South African citizen in distress.  It is a limited amount that can be processed in this manner. 

3.      We provide logistical support and non-financial assistance for repatriation and urgently needed medical and professional attention. 

4.      We will attempt to notify the next-of-kin, via the Chief Directorate: Consular Services at the Department of International Relations & Cooperation (DIRCO) in Pretoria, in the event of death or life threatening illness or injury. 

5.      We provide logistical assistance with the importation of mortal remains (including import permit applications) or burials of South African citizens abroad.  We MAY NOT provide any financial assistance in this regard. 

6.      We strive to assist with missing persons abroad and/or determination of the whereabouts of a South African citizen. Assist South African citizen in distress.

7.      Child custody, including abductions. We provide advice, guidance and support to a custodial parent/guardian. Where there is evidence that the health and safety of the child is in jeopardy, the matter is treated as an emergency. 

8.      Provide guidance and advice through the Department of Social Development with adoptions. 

9.      Support service in kidnapping and hostage taking cases. We respond to emergencies (all situations involving health, safety, security and wellbeing of South African citizens abroad). Kidnapping and hostage taking covers forcible restrictions on the freedom of movement of all persons. All instances of kidnapping in will be reported to DIRCOˇ¦s Operations Room immediately. We provide guidance and advice to affected citizens and their families.

10.   Reporting of scams and of fraudulent activities. We provide non-financial assistance and support to defrauded South African citizens and we report scams and other fraudulent activities to the South African Police Service.