The South African Liaison Office's goal is to promote South Africa as a vibrant non-racial, non-sexist democracy that strives for peace, stability, democracy and development on the African continent.

As we begin to celebrate our first ten years of democracy, we would be delighted to share with you our challenges, experiences and plans for the future.

Schools, universities and other academic institutions are welcome to approach the Liaison Office for briefings on South Africa and the South African government's domestic and foreign policy objectives.

The briefings will also include our commitment to promoting NEPAD (the New Partnership for African's Development) and the significance of the launch of the African Union (AU).

Interested institutions are encouraged to  process an e-mail request or forward a written request to:


Vish Badal

The Liaison Office of South Africa

Suite 1301, 13th FL., 205, Tun Hwa North Rd.,

Taipei 105, Taiwan


We look forward to welcoming you to the South African Liaison Office.