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         Our lodges are constantly voted tops in consumer surveys around the world for their luxury,   

               welcome, fantastic food and close up experience with the big five.

           ․Singita was the only product ever to get a perfect 100% from Conde Nast readers in the


           ․One of our operators, Wilderness Safaris won the National Geographic's Legacy award

               for their contribution to conservation and tourism.


     Cape Town



     NEW!               NEW!               NEW!


    South Africa is a hot destination! We believe that the continuous growth in tourist arrivals

    that we have achieved  is just the start of the tourism boom.


    This course will equip you, to ensure that South Africa's tourism treasures are enjoyed to the fullest by

    visitors from all over the world.


    South African Tourism has developed this Tourism Expert Course to assist professional like yourself

    to make the most of the opportunity to sell South African at this time. In line with our mission the

    course is geared at making you a true expert on South Africa enabling you to substantially increase

    the number of visitors you will be sending to South Africa.


   You will find that this comprehensive course will give you all the information and helpful

   selling techniques you will need to handle even the most discerning clients. It is also fun and

   interactive, so we expect you to thoroughly enjoy the course!


   The full duration of the course is two and a half hours or so. If you wish to make use of this

   opportunity, kindly send us an e-mail request or fax us.